Sternitz Fitness Womens Shirt, Bhakti Hoodie, Perfect for Pilates, Yoga and Any Sport, Bamboo Fabric, Ecological and Soft. Long Neck. B01H0YJD7O

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  • THERMOCLIMATIC PROPERTIES - Ensures being warm in winter and cool in the summer. The excellent properties of bamboo fabric makes it ideal for the warmer summer days.
  • EXTREMELY SMOOTH - Bamboo clothing is softer than cotton. and they have natural luster like silk or cashmere. bamboo shades are more durable than silk or satin.
  • Viscose Bamboo 94% Elasthan 6%
  • Long Sleeve
  • PROTECTS AGAINST UV RAYS - Bamboo naturally gives protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
  • FIGHTING ALLERGIES - organic matter is a naturally soft bamboo fiber with non-irritating to the skin, properties making it ideal for people with sensitive skin and other allergies or dermatitis.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL - Bamboo fabric naturally contains anti bacterial agents that prevent bacteria appear in it, which means it helps keep odor free. ABSORB MOISTURE - A cross section of bamboo fibers shows several micro holes, allowing bamboo clothing have superior absorption. This allows them to absorb and evaporate perspiration faster. Bamboo fiber is 4 times more absorbent than cotton.

Product Description


A sweatshirt designed for you, you seek to go comfortable and elegant in your day to day and in your moments of connection and exercise. Our Bhakti Hoodie is a long sleeve hooded shirt that for its freshness and comfort can be used in any type of weather. It gives versatility to use as a coat or simply to exercise at any temperature. Its composition of bamboo and elastane makes it an ecological and quite soft fabric having also properties that protect the skin from the weather in addition to feel super comfortable at the same time. Sternitz has a line of pants and shirts perfectly combinable to exercise and be fashionable. Choose the color that best suits you with your own style and start to enjoy this new world of pleasurable sensations that puts the bamboo fabric at your disposal. Gray, black, pink, purple, white or aqua. One color for each occasion, set or style.


For halftime or winter, the garment to which you will most benefit. Either to accompany you in your Yoga or Pilates classes to go jogging, walking or picnicking. It will keep you warm despite the cold temperatures as it is thermal and regulated naturally. You'll want to take it everywhere. You can not live without it. You will not want to.


The bamboo fabric will become indispensable, when you look for comfort, because in addition to its silky touch and its sweetness for your skin, it gives you other advantages that make it perfect for your life. In addition, if you want to dress it directly on your skin, you will feel how your skin feels fresh and without irritations. The bamboo fabric is antiallergic, making it ideal for sensitive skins that resent chemical-treated fabrics. This is because bamboo fibers are obtained without the usual chemicals that are the ones that produce the most allergies.


Its extreme softness will bristle your skin and if you put something else underneath, you will continue to notice how it slides and does not get caught in the other tissue.

You will not worry about the possible sweat because it absorbs and evaporates quickly and you will forget the smell due to its antibacterial properties.

Yes, just what you're thinking. All these properties are the ones that will help you to enjoy much more of your hours of exercises and those that will make you can not let go of her.